Agronomy @work

Learn more about what our scientists do in the series "A Day in the Life" videos on our YouTube channel here--or read about the researchers by clicking on their names, below:

Laura ChristiansonLaura Christianson, agronomist and water quality engineer

Laura Christianson, PhD, PE, is an agronomist and professional engineer in the field of agricultural water quality. Her research involves growing food while making sure our water stays clean. One of her favorite things to study is a denitrifying woodchip bioreactor.

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Ray AsebedoRay Asebedo, precision agronomist

Ray Asebedo, PhD, is an agronomist working in the field of precision agronomy. He helps growers determine the best practices to manage large farm fields by looking at smaller segments of their fields.

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Anita DilleAnita Dille, agronomist and weed scientist

Anita Dille, PhD, is an agronomist working in the area of weed science. Her research focuses on the ecology of weeds, and best ways to manage them in the field.

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David WeindorfDavid Weindorf, soil scientist and research agronomist

David Weindorf, PhD, is a soil scientist and research agronomist. Over his career, he’s helped develop tools for agronomists and farmers to analyze the soil in the field. One tool in particular that he has worked with is called a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. It gives rapid, accurate results about what elements are found in soil.

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