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Less water, same Texas cotton
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Modeling Soil Crack Volume at the Pedon Scale using Available Soil Data
Haly L. Neely, Cristine L.S. Morgan, Kevin J. McInnes and Christine C. Molling
A Robust Calibration Method for Continental-Scale Soil Water Content Measurements
Joshua A. Roberti, Edward Ayres, Henry W. Loescher, Jianwu Tang, Gregory Starr, David J. Durden, Derek E. Smith, Elizabeth de la Reguera, Kate Morkeski, Margot McKlveen, Heidi Benstead, Michael D. SanClements, Robert H. Lee, Maheteme Gebremedhin and Rommel C. Zulueta
Registration of ‘Pembroke 2016’ Soft Red Winter Wheat
David A. Van Sanford, Anthony J. Clark, Carl Bradley, Gina L. Brown-Guedira, Christina Cowger, Yanhong Dong and Byung-Kee Baik
Identification of Optimal Environments for Cotton Cultivars in the Brazilian Cerrado
Paulo Eduardo Teodoro, Francisco José Correia Farias, Luiz Paulo de Carvalho, Moysés Nascimento, Leonardo de Azevedo Peixoto, Cosme Damião Cruz and Leonardo Lopes Bhering
Effects of Water Regimes on Methane Emissions in Peatland and Gley Marsh
Xiaoyan Zhu, Changchun Song, Weiwei Chen, Xinhou Zhang and Baoxian Tao