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Coolbean the Soybean ebook now available.


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Reinvest ASA Due May 1, ASF Grants RFP Due June 1

The deadline for Reinvest ASA proposals is now extended to May 1; ASF Sustainable Research RFPs are due June 1. Submit your proposal today.

New ASA Community: Cotton and Other Fiber Crops

Welcome to the new ASA Community, Cotton and Other Fiber Crops, which joins the Agronomic Production Systems Section.

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Nitrogen in a "mo fo lo po" world
Soils retain and contain radioactivity in Fukushima
Blasting weeds away with grit

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Recently Added

Registration of A/BN641 and RN642 waxy Grain Sorghum Genetic Stocks
M. K. Yerka, J. J. Toy, D. L. Funnell-Harris, S. E. Sattler and J. F. Pedersen
Registration of the Ki14 × B73 Recombinant Inbred Mapping Population of Maize
R. C. Pratt, J. B. Holland, P. J. Balint-Kurti, N. D. Coles, J. C. Zwonitzer, M. A. Casey and M. D. McMullens
Registration of ‘OLé’ Peanut
K. D. Chamberlin, R. S. Bennett, J. P. Damicone, C. B. Godsey, H. A. Melouk and K. Keim
Registration of the KS4895 × Jackson Soybean Mapping Population, AR93705
Sadal Hwang, C. Andy King, Marilynn K. Davies, Dirk V. Charlson, Jeffery D. Ray, Perry B. Cregan, Clay H. Sneller, Pengyin Chen, Thomas E. Carter and Larry C. Purcell