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Sections & Communities

Sections are the unifying organizational framework for Community activities. Communities are the organization of ASA members into groups showing common professional interests. Communities organize around topical areas, within Sections, from the grassroots level. The purposes of Communities are to gather members, encourage scientific exchange and sharing of information, facilitate planning, enhance communication and provide coordination of programs.

Major activities of the communities are focused on presenting papers and symposia at the Annual Meeting. They may hold a business meeting at the Annual Meeting (or other venue) and may present student and regular member awards. In addition to these activities, the Sections and Communities may host listservs, web pages, newsletters, and other activities. As a benefit of membership, you may join as many ASA communities as you have interest in.



Agronomic Production Systems Section




Biometry and Statistical Computing Section




Climatology and Modeling Section




Education and Extension Section



05Environmental Quality Section



06Global Agronomy Section




Land Management and Conservation Section